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Congrats Boris on your 300th Game

It was a huge result for us last Friday night and probably one of the best interstate wins we’ve had in years. With both sides sitting on a same number of premiership points, it was a game we were both desperate to win. It was probably our best four-quarter effort for the year. We had the answers every time they challenged us. When the Power midfield gets a run on it’s hard to stop, but our second half was outstanding. Rhys and Mark did a great job in the ruck and it flowed from there. Over the past two games we’ve been rewarded for sticking to our plans and executing the game plan.

We have extra motivation this week with Corey Enright playing his 300th game. The Geelong Football Club over 150 years old and he’ll be just the third player to reach this milestone. We are all extremely proud of what he’s done and the fact that he’s the only member of the triple-premiership winning group to get there highlights what an achievement it is.

Boris sits alongside Matty Scarlett and Gary Ablett as the best players I’ve played with at Geelong. My first impression of him was that he was a good player, but I didn’t quite understand how good he actually was. I quickly saw the way he trained and how he prepared. He does the simple things well to make himself better. It’s no surprise he’s got five All-Australian jumpers, three flags and two Best and Fairest awards in premiership years. He revolutionised the way half back is played with his rebound and intercept marking.

More importantly, Corey is a really good person and teammate. It’s never been about him, it’s always been about the team. I didn’t get to know him very well until the end of my first season (2007). He was quite shy and hung around with his fellow defenders. It wasn’t until after the 2007 grand final that I got to see the real Boris.

What people might not know about Corey is how funny he is. He’s different, but loveable. After the 2007 Grand Final, he had been given a black cat (one of the first Geelong mascots) and a hunter’s hat by someone in the crowd after the 2009 Grand Final. He wore the hat to Mad Monday and made sure the toy cat played a big role in the festivities. It was simple humour, but had the boys in stitches. He’s become a leader at our football club and he always reminds us to find the fun in football. This is particularly good for the young guys. He has the ability to take himself back to their age and really enjoy what they are going through at that stage of their careers.

And the nickname?….

Boris came from the tennis player Boris Becker. I understand he used to throw the odd tantrum and his dad’s mates back in Kimba gave it to him!